Scrapchat 4

Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of my weekend working on my new designer brads and eyelets to go with the Bewitched paper and embie kits. But more about that later.

Today I have something different for you. Have you ever had Scrapbooker’s Block? It’s a well known phenomenon and one you will be familiar with if you’re a dedicated scrapper. Surrounded by photos begging to be scrapped and not an idea in your head about where to start – you know the scenario.

Quite recently I was introduced to the concept of scrapbook sketches – thanks Fiona at SBM – so I thought I would share the idea with you all. Its not rocket science, anyone can draw a sketch really, but sometimes you need someone else to give you the idea.

Unlike a template or a quick page, you just use the general layout to give you an idea how you could place photos, embellishments and journalling on your page. You look at the sketch and use it to formulate your own design. You might turn the design upside down, or mirror it. You might put circles where there are rectangles. You might stick some swirly embellishments on or put borders where there are none; its just a springboard for your own imagination.

The sketch I’ve done to start you off is very plain and quite simple.

The fun is to see how you can make it look with your own photos and journalling.

Now this week, because I’m feeling generous, I’m giving you some freebies to go with the layout, but normally you will just use whatever paper and embies you have. Unless I decide to treat you again. 😉

In your mini I’m giving you two papers, two brads, an eyelet, an overlay and a journal spot.  See what you can do!  I’ll post my own example later on.

Click image to download

I mentioned my new designs, they’re in my Etsy shop now – two sets of embellishments to complement the Bewitched range, one set is eyelets and the other is brads. With a digital eyelet or brad, you get to do whatever you would do with the physical ones – except you can use it as many times as you like in whatever size you want.

The eyelets will go large enough to highlight parts of your photos like frames. See them here: Designer Eyelets

The brads also will go up to a reasonable size if you want to use them for journalling spots, see them here: Designer Brads

Have fun with the freebie, you will find it in the Freebie section, as usual.


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