Scrapchat 3

I’m so excited, I just finished my latest kit, Bewitched, all ready for Halloween!

I just love Halloween, its a very special time for me, but for many folk it is simply a fun time to share with the children.  And as long as we make sure the littlies are safe on their Trick or Treating (accompanied by an adult of course) and that they respect peoples’ wishes and only go to houses where they are joining in the fun (its usually easy to tell by the decorations who is playing and who isn’t) then its a lovely fun evening for kids, young and not so young!

Well, I just had a blast making this kit.  In the embellishments kit, I went mad with owls and bats, gremlins and cats, pumpkins, a spooky graveyard silhouette and a rather neat witch!  There is a matching paper kit, with some spooky backgrounds and some that coordinate.

I reckon you can have some real fun making all sorts of Halloween stuff from the papers and embellishments in Bewitched.  Party invitations, menu sheets, posters for the doors and windows.  You could print off some black cats, cut them out and hang them up as decorations.  Most of all, you can do some pretty neat layouts for your albums.

Did you check out the link to Scrapbook Max?  Seriously, its my favourite program.  I have loads of photos on my pc – don’t we all, now that we have digital cameras?  Until I got into digital scrapbooking I had no idea what to do with them really.  Now, I can quickly and easily create a page.  Once you have made a page, you can do what you want with it: share it on facebook; load it onto your phone or ipod; you can post it on your favourite boards to share with the forum community; attach to an email.  You can also print them out to give them as presents or simply to make your own keepsakes.  Check it out on my link – there’s a free trial.

I made a page using the new kit to show you what you might do with it.  I’ve used the tombstone shape as a photo mask of my scary little coven.  Well they’re just too darn cute to be scary, aren’t they?  I was totally bewitched by both of them.  We did have fun and I’m so looking forward to doing it all again this year.

Bewitched 2009

I think I may post some ideas on here about thing you can do with your scrapbooking.  I make all my own cards and its so easy to do, and such fun.  So keep on checking here for scrapbooking ideas and more freebies.

Brightest Blessings

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit


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