Scrapchat 2

Wow, what happened to September?  Here we are in October and Halloween is looming large on the horizon!  The mall is full of cutsie little outfits for fluffy pumpkins and scary monsters.  Don’t you just love it?

Anyway, I have been working very hard and my new kit for  the season will be in the shop by the end of the week.  As promised, there are some freebies all ready for you to grab.  I hope you like the Quick Page.  For those dedicated scrappers, you’ll recognise the term Quick Page.  For newbies to digital scrapping, it couldn’t be easier.  Just load your QP into your program of choice, pop a photo onto the page so it is roughly in the place where the tombstone shape has been cut out.  Then simply send your photo to the back and hey presto, a suitable picture of Halloween monsters, ghouls or other such scary folk will be nicely framed on your page.  Save and publish or print, if you wish.  Or if you want to personalise it more, then you can pop on some embies, journalling or a page heading first.

Now don’t forget,  my standard is 8″ x 8″, 300 dpi saved as .jpgs for papers and quick pages.  This is an ideal size for printing on your home computer and will produce excellent results.  My embellishments are always produced as .pngs to preserve transparency, and I usually make them large, so you can use them with confidence on your pages.

I’ve done a couple of FREEBIE shapes for you to use on your Halloween layouts too and these will be here later today, so don’t forget to check back.  My friends who use Scrapbook Max (THE BEST scrapbook program there is) will understand what shapes are and no doubt will grab these freebies quick sharp.  But for anyone new to the term, these are just transparent .png files, made in black, which you can use as you wish on your LOs (layouts).  Put the .png on your digital page and fill it with whatever colour or texture you wish.  Or you can just use them as they are, to create a little drama on your monster halloween LO.

Well, I must get that kit finished now but I’ll be back with more Scrapchat soon.

Many and many blessings to you

Walk in Beauty – Freespirit


One thought on “Scrapchat 2

  1. Oh yes, grabbed those shapes right away. Masks and Shapes are the basis of scrapping as far as I’m concerned. QPs are very nice, don’t use them as is; however, some times I scraplift from them.
    Great job on the blog, have bookmarked it.

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